48 Hour Filmmaking Challenge: That’s a Wrap

Just this past weekend, on October 5th and 6th, FIU students participated in the mad rush that is the 48-hour film challenge, co-hosted by the Film Studies program and the Film Initiative. Those who attended generated storylines ranging from a student having a bad day to greek life gore. These students were then split into groups and were tasked with developing, writing, and shooting a short film all in under 48 hours on campus.

The goal of this challenge was to serve as an opportunity for FIU students to briefly delve into the world of filmmaking. Students from all backgrounds and all levels of experience had an amazing time scrambling around campus trying to get that perfect shot. Films from the challenge will be submitted to this spring’s Panther Film Festival! So be sure to catch them them!

If you’re interested in filmmaking, keep your eyes out for more challenges, workshops, and information sessions that we’ll be holding throughout the year. Thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge for donating both their weekends and their talent in the pursuit of filmmaking!