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Wicked Variety for Spring 2018 Courses

This spring semester, Panthers will be able to take a variety of film courses to fulfill the Film Studies certificate offered by the university.

Courses familiar to FIU students will be available, including Intro to Acting in Film/TV (TPP 3265), Communication in Film (COM 3417), and Philosophy of Film (PHI 4884). Dr. Elizabeth Scarbrough’s increasingly popular Philosophy of Film course will be especially interesting this semester, as prominent film philosopher Noel Carroll will be making an appearance at FIU from the CUNY Graduate Center. Dr. Strycharski will also repeat his course in Writing about Film (ENC 4355), a great class for anyone interesting in professional and public writing and often a gateway to film studies internships.

There will be a variety of courses teaching national and global interests in cinema through various cultures. Such courses include Asia Through Films (ASN 3200), French Cinema (FRE 4391), German Language and Culture Through Film (GER 3993), and Tradition and Modernity in Latin American Cinema (SPW 4397).

For fans of history and politics, courses such as Politics on Film (POS 3258) and Holocaust Cinema (FIL 3838) offer specialized observations on this area of film.

Finally, several offerings from the Studies in Film course (ENG 4132) offer unique focus on topics in the world of film. For example, Professor Michael Gillespie’s offering (section U02-C Regular) is centered on Film Noir Cinema, looking at early influences such as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, through its inception in America through films like Double Indemnity, and its later evolutions through films like Chinatown and No Country for Old Men. Other sections cover topics such as Film Humor and Comedy (Andrew Strycharski), Wes Anderson films (Dan Bently-Baker), and the art of Cinematography (Igor Shteyrenberg).

You can find a full list of course offerings for the Spring 2018 Semester here. As always, if you’re taking a class with at least 50% focus on film, you can contact Dr. Strycharski with a syllabus from the class for credit approval.

The Art of Cinematography to be taught by Igor Shteyrenberg

Experience the dazzling story of cinematography while discovering the masterpieces of world cinema through the lenses of the world’s
greatest cinematographers. From black and white to Technicolor,
glittering Hollywood musicals to film noir, art films to blockbusters,
all the way through to the new emerging forms of digital filmmaking,
this class will examine movies in a new and unforgettable light!

We are delighted to announce that Igor Shteyrenberg will be teaching this course for the film studies program this spring semester. Mr Shteyrenberg, a graduate of the world-renowned USC film school, directs the Miami Jewish Film Festival and the Popcorn Frights Film Festival. He brings a wealth of experience and industry connections to the FIU classroom. If you are based at the MMC campus and have yet to enjoy the beautiful, beachy atmosphere of the BBC, this is your chance. Just hop on the Golden Panther Express Shuttle, running every half hour.

Course Number and Section: ENG 4121 (B51-C)

Note: Although “Strycharski” is currently listed as the instructor for this class on the online course schedule, it will indeed be taught by Mr. Shteyrenberg.

Panther Film Festival Meet & Greet A Success

Earlier this month, the Panther Film Festival held their first of what will be several mixer and workshop-like events leading up the actual film festival in April 2018. The PFF Meet & Greet welcomed over 30 students students from varying majors into a conference room in Deuxieme Maison. Senior Amanda Seijo, who hopes to submit a short film for the festival, noted that, “We could barely fit in the room! It was a surprising turnout and it seems that FIU has some talented individuals in different aspects of filmmaking. This is something I wouldn’t miss the chance to be a part of.”  

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Favorite Horror Film Franchise Poll Results! 

Horror films have been drawing audiences to the movie theaters for well over a hundred years. While there have been several classic stand-alone films that have garnered critical acclaim, we all know any moderately successful film is likely to be forcefully branched out into a full-fledged franchise in hopes of raking in money for the rest of eternity. With Halloween finally upon us and the month of October drawing to a close, let’s take a look at the top horror film franchises, according to you, our creepy little readers:

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Jigsaw: Laughably Put Together

One of the Jigsaw Killer’s more creative traps, a collar equipped with literal surgical lasers

Many would agree that on a fundamental level, any film worth watching should be one of the following: a well-made film, or fun to watch – though preferably it should be both. Jigsaw (2017) is the sequel to Saw VII, aka Saw 3D, aka Saw: The Final Chapter (2010), and despite it being a continuation of a series even fans wanted to stay dead and buried, the film is both a significant improvement over the later entries of the series, and it’s such a laughably dumb movie that I honestly didn’t want the film to end.

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