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Our Top Picks of the Decade

This decade has been an interesting one to say the least. We have seen some of the best horror films in recent memory, the rise of very promising directors, the artistic decline of the Fast and Furious franchise, and the conclusion of the Star Wars series. We have comprised a list of our favorite films of the last 10 years and we are excited to see what the next decade has in store.

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The Last Resort: A Poignantly Nostalgic View of Miami Beach

Prior to the influx of Caribbean & Latin American immigrants, the wild youth culture of MTV, and the introduction of cocaine to its ports, Miami, in a snapshot of an era, was home to the largest population of Jewish retirees. In The Last Resort (2018), a documentary dually directed and produced by O-Cinema co-founder Kareem Tabsch and former Vice President of the Knight Foundation, Dennis Scholl, we get a closer look at the works of two childhood companions who made an effort to capture and preserve the essence of 1970’s Miami Beach through their photography.
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The 2019 Miami Jewish Film Festival Poster

The 22nd annual Miami Jewish Film Festival kicked off this past Thursday boasting a diverse lineup of eighty pictures from twenty-five different countries to make this year’s festival the biggest yet. This includes twelve world premieres, ten unique, film-related events, and a whopping twenty-five films by women filmmakers. Screenings will be taking place in fifteen venues across Miami including Coral Gables Art Cinema and the Miami Beach Cinematheque.


Disney and the Cult of Unoriginality

Three of Disney’s Horsemen of Uncreativity

This is the second in a two-part exploration of the Disney-Fox deal. You can read part one here.

Though the Disney Company’s $71.3 billion bid to acquire 21st Century Fox has been met by pop-culture fans with rapturous glee, the threat of Disney establishing a modern monopoly on the entertainment industry may become a reality in this deal. There’s a logic to Disney purchasing the company that owns major stock in the streaming market plus intellectual properties closely tied to them, such as James Cameron’s Avatar (2009). The deal, however, will lead to Disney owning an estimated 30% of the film industry. Many may not mind a company like Disney owning so much stake in one industry, but there’s major concern when one considers the mediocre quality of the art Disney has produced in the last decade.

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