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Five Questions with Dr. Elizabeth Scarbrough

Professor Elizabeth Scarbrough is a recent and welcome addition to the Florida International University’s philosophy department. With an impressive academic background under her belt, a Masters and a PhD in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin and Washington, respectively, and a burning love for all things art, she’s a warm, insightful teacher looking to bring new topics to students at FIU, starting with the study of philosophical questions regarding cinema.

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“Arrival” Author Ted Chiang Talks Folk Biology

On March 27, FIU’s School of Computer Information and Sciences and the Department of English co-hosted a public lecture with guest speaker Ted Chiang. Chiang is a critically acclaimed author whose novella “Story of Your Life” was the basis for the 2016 Oscar nominated film Arrival. His lecture, titled “Why the Brain is Not a Computer”, focused on the common misconceptions of Folk Biology in the media and how they hurt our ability to tell a narrative. His main focus was the Sci-Fi genre, but he explained how folk biology hinders story structure in general. The lecture provided insight into the methodology that Chiang uses to create stories.

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Black Student Union Hosts Issa Rae

Last week FIU’s Black Student Union hosted an interview and Q&A event staring Issa Rae, YouTube personality and HBO star as their speaker in honor of Black History month. During the event Issa Rae speaks on what it was like to grow up being an awkward black girl in a society where she didn’t necessarily fit into the social norms at the time of what it meant “to be black”, and how these experiences help her shape her creativity. Rae reveals that’s she would like to use her platform to reshape the way that society views people of color in media specifically the view of Black women who are being oppressed on two fronts for being women and being of color. During the Q&A section Rae gives advice to aspiring writers and producers on how to stay true to themselves in their work and know that when they are doing something they are passionate about they have to be prepared to defend it.

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Five Questions: Gabriel Rhenals

Award-winning filmmaker and FIU alum, Gabriel Rhenals, talks about starting a company and his latest festival run. Gabriel has several short films under his belt and he’s been featured at events like the Miami Short Film Festival. With accolades like “Best Screenplay,” Gabriel is quickly becoming someone to watch. He assures us that the most essential resource for anyone planning to make a film is a dream.


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