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A Film Geek’s Guide to Florida Supercon Weekend

A Film Geek’s Guide to Florida Supercon 2017

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To all film lovers!!! Don’t miss out on the chance to visit this weekend’s Super Geek Film Festival!! It will showcase some of the most sensational geek films from around the world, host special guest stars, and offer workshops from professional directors, producers, and actors to provide valuable insight to those with an interest in filmmaking. This festival has it all! Purchase your tickets now!

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Horror-loving Panthers, Rejoice! Popcorn Frights Announces Full Slate of Films For 3rd Annual Horror Film Festival!

We’re less than two months away from South Florida’s premiere film festival for horror aficionados: Popcorn Frights. The film festival, which will run from August 11th through the 17th, celebrates the age-old genre of horror while putting an emphasis on indie horror films rather than large blockbuster productions, which are arguably becoming less and less innovative than in years past. In an interview for our newsletter last year, co-director Igor Shteyrenberg shared with us that he was inspired to create Popcorn Frights (alongside his partner, Marc Ferman) back in 2015 because he found that Miami was “utterly devoid of a genre scene,” and the two sought to breathe life into the local community that was hungry for flesh horror-themed film events.

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Speaking in Cinema

Hoping to satisfy your thirst for cinematic knowledge and meet a successful filmmaker?

This Friday the Speaking in Cinema series at Miami Beach Cinematheque will host filmmaker Albert Serra at its screening of his latest film,  The Death of Louis XIV.  The historical film explores the family life of King Louis XIV in his final moments. After the screening Albert Serra will discuss this and his other works with critic & filmmaker Yonca Tala.

The Miami Beach Cinematheque’s Speaking in Cinema Series was developed and supported by a grant from the Knight Foundation in 2013 to provide a richer appreciation of cinema through a string of conversations focusing on filmmaking styles led by local filmmakers and professional critics. The brainchild of the Cinematheque’s director, Dana Keith, Speaking in Cinema happens a few months throughout the year during which the selected hosts and guest have an interactive conversation with the audiences, which allows all parties to understand and analyze cinema not only as an art but also its own meta-language which goes beyond sampling entertainment.

The series started as a two year program but due to its success was expanded to an continual series. To date Speaking in Cinema‘s eleven installments have featured works from professionals such as Daniel Patrick Carbone, Brontis Jodorowsky, Benoit Debie, and Harmony Korine.

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“Your Name” is Finally Here!

     Finally, Your Name is getting its official Western release this April, with cinemas screening both the original Japanese audio with subtitles and a new English dub.  Your Name is an anime body-swap love story from Japanese writer and director Makoto Shinkai that took the world by storm in 2016. A critical and commercial success, the film went on to earn more than $328 million worldwide, unseating long-time classic Spirited Away as the highest-grossing anime film of all time.

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A Night Under Moonlight: A Community Event

        This past week FIU hosted a screening and discussion of Barry Jenkin’s Moonlight. Despite having seen it twice already, this viewing was a very different experience from the ones I’ve had in the movie theater. Filling the room to capacity, the crowd here was completely in sync, heavily invested in the film’s exploration of race and sexuality, as well as in its setting that reflected where many of them live and face their own struggles.

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