48 Hour Filmmaking Challenge: That’s a Wrap

Just this past weekend, on October 5th and 6th, FIU students participated in the mad rush that is the 48-hour film challenge, co-hosted by the Film Studies program and the Film Initiative. Those who attended generated storylines ranging from a student having a bad day to greek life gore. These students were then split into groups and were tasked with developing, writing, and shooting a short film all in under 48 hours on campus. Continue reading 48 Hour Filmmaking Challenge: That’s a Wrap

‘Joker’ is Terrifying for the Wrong Reasons

Ironically enough, a film about the clown prince of crime is director Todd Phillips’ first dive into drama. His recent lineup of work is comprised of comedies like The Hangover franchise and War Dogs, but looking back at his earliest work, it’s obvious that Phillips has merely come full circle. Phillips kicked off his film career with a documentary about GG Allin, a notoriously controversial punk artist, and having seen Joker it becomes apparent that he has a fascination with violent men. Joker is a character study focused on Arthur Fleck’s (Joaquin Phoenix) miserable descent into becoming the iconic villain. It checks all the award season boxes — incredible lead actor, score, and cinematography. However, it’s difficult to praise Joker without acknowledging that the plot is a victim of its obsession with glorifying the actions of its main character.

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48 Hour Filmmaking Challenge Coming Weekend of Oct 5th

Panthers prepare yourselves for our 48 Hour Filmmaking Challenge!

Next weekend, any student interested in making or being a part of a short film (no experience necessary) will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other like-minded students. On Saturday, October 5th, participants will be placed into groups and spend the day planning their films, including coming up with a story, writing a script, rehearsing lines, storyboarding, location scouting, and developing a shot list. The next day, groups will return ready to shoot their five minute shorts. Continue reading 48 Hour Filmmaking Challenge Coming Weekend of Oct 5th