December 16, 2017 @ 11:30 pm
Coral Gables Art Cinema
260 Aragon Ave
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Brought to Earth as an infant by Nazi occultists during World War II but rescued by Allied forces, Hellboy (Ron Perlman) is a big, red, cigar-smoking demon raised under the care of the B.P.R.D., a government agency dedicated to protecting the world from all forms of supernatural evil. As their top agent, Hellboy leads a team consisting of fish-man Abe Sapien (Doug Jones) and his flame conjuring ex-girlfriend Liz (Selma Blair) to combat Nazis, monsters from another dimension, and their own inner demons in this iconic film filled with intense action, richly dark humor, and just a dash of Lovecraftian horror thrown in for good measure. Helmed by acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro and based on the comic series by Mike Mignola, Hellboy brings a unique take on the monster movie genre with its heartfelt and lovable team of paranormal investigators, keeping the world safe, one monster at a time.

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