The Last Resort: A Poignantly Nostalgic View of Miami Beach

Prior to the influx of Caribbean & Latin American immigrants, the wild youth culture of MTV, and the introduction of cocaine to its ports, Miami, in a snapshot of an era, was home to the largest population of Jewish retirees. In The Last Resort (2018), a documentary dually directed and produced by O-Cinema co-founder Kareem Tabsch and former Vice President of the Knight Foundation, Dennis Scholl, we get a closer look at the works of two childhood companions who made an effort to capture and preserve the essence of 1970’s Miami Beach through their photography.
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Love and Desire, 1970s German Style

We hope to bring to you all with every newsletter a review of a classic, and not to mention awesome, film available to the FIU community through the Kanopy streaming service. This week we watched RWF’s Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, a remake of Douglas Sirk’s All That Heaven Allows set in a post-WW2 Germany still reeling from the recent tragedy and failure of Munich. Amidst this all, Emmi, an elderly Polish widow, and Ali, whose real name is El Hedi ben Salem Mubarak Muhammad Mustafa, but is nevertheless known by a name that has become shorthand for all Arab (namely North African) workers, strike up an unlikely relationship.

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Oscar Watch Party: Feb 24, 7:00 PM

Join us on February 24, in GC 140 this year for our second ever Oscar’s Watch Party! Presented by the Film Studies Program, Sigma Tau Delta, the Film Initiative, and the Graduate English Association, the night is a celebration of FIU’s film community. In addition to watching the Academy Awards, there will be a lot of great food, snacks, and games like Oscar’s Bingo. This event is free, DOORS OPEN AT 7:00 PM, and open to all! Feel free to come dressed in your Award’s Night best and take your picture on the red carpet as well!

Miami Film Festival Volunteer Opportunities

The Miami Film Festival is welcoming everyone from casual movie-goers to film professionals to celebrate their 36thannual comprehensive festival. The ten-day event—an iconic cultural fete for the city of Miami—boasts annual attendance of over 70,000 film enthusiast. The Festival is reaching out to Florida International University students for  eager volunteers who can help make the festival a smooth and memorable experience for all of their guests.

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