Halloween Ends Thank God

Michael Myers and Laurie Strode in Halloween Ends (2022)

The final installment in David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy is every bit as disappointing as you would expect from a team bankrupt of any new ideas. Green’s last chapter in an ever-declining saga pits longtime protagonist and bona fide horror icon Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) against a new evil that terrorizes Haddonfield and brings Michael Myers out of hiding for one final, anticlimactic showdown. While Green’s first installment honored Carpenter’s original vision and reinvigorated the franchise, his latest effort strays miles away from everything that made that film enjoyable. While one can recognize the ambitious choices made in this head-scratching sequel it amounts to little more than a mismatch of poorly-executed ideas and a meandering plot, loosely tied together by a screenplay so trite that one can barely believe it was greenlit at all.

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Top 5 Scream Queen Directed Films

Megan Fox dressed in a purple cheerleader outfit as Jennifer
Megan Fox as Jennifer in Jennifer’s Body (2009).

There is nothing better than celebrating the start of fall and the end of the month than by watching some scary movies. Dedicated to the women who write, direct, or produce their own films, these picks celebrate the scream queens that work hard behind the camera. From psychological thrillers to more traditional horror films, these are all worth watching:

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Flashback Flick – Deep Red: A Symphony of Sleaze

After the run of success from his first three films, all of which fall under the genre of giallo, Italian director Dario Argento didn’t want to confine himself to the horror box. So, he followed up his acclaimed Animal Trilogy with The Five Days, a Sergio Leone-influenced historical drama-comedy about the Italian Revolution. There is a world where this movie made a fortune at the box office and where Argento would continue to make films that drift away from the horror genre. Fortunately, this didn’t happen – and Argento was forced to make a return to giallo films, where he crafted maybe his most definitive entry in the genre. Continue reading Flashback Flick – Deep Red: A Symphony of Sleaze

Horror is Finally Unafraid to Redefine Itself

Every year when October comes around, we appreciate classics like Scream (1996), Poltergeist (1982), and Psycho (1960). We also get a handful of your typical slasher or jumpscare-riddled films that overflow the theaters. But what separates new releases from this never-ending pattern of commercialized Halloween horror is just how inventive and experimental directors are willing to get.

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Bloody Funny: Horror-Comedy

Horror and comedy are two of the most popular movie genres, one is on the up-and-up (especially this time of year) and the other has been relegated straight to streaming for years now. Horror and comedy, like primary color, create new colors when you mix them. The duo creates a subgenre that on paper should not work: how can you freak someone out and make them laugh simultaneously? Well, dozens of filmmakers at this point have cracked that code and now we have dozens of great movies from them. Here is how it started. Continue reading Bloody Funny: Horror-Comedy