All 3 Martin McDonagh Movies Ranked

It’s not often you see a director hit three home runs (maybe soon to be four) in a row when making films. Martin McDonagh is acclaimed in his ability to combine humor with serious content similarly to the Coen Brothers, but McDonagh movies have a different flavor to them. In preparation for his newest film Banshees of Inisherin, here are all three of Martin McDonagh’s films ranked.


3. Seven Psychopaths
Keep in mind that being on the bottom of the list does not mean any of these movies are bad, but something has to be at the bottom! Seven Psychopaths is a comedic-crime movie about a simple screenwriter (Colin Ferrell – a Martin McDonagh regular) trying to write when his dog-napper friend (Sam Rockwell) steals a gangster’s dog. The movie features great performances from the leads as well as Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walken, and Tom Waits. If you’re looking for something fun to watch – spend two hours of your Sunday on this. Available on Pluto TV and Paramount +.


2. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
This 2017 gem nabbed two Oscars and stands out from the other entries on this list by being a little more drama than comedy. This film became controversial for its portrayal of police, but also inspired protesters around the world to adopt the three billboard signs for their protests. The film follows the mother of a murdered girl (Frances Mcdormand) as she hires an ad agency to place three billboards on a dead road in protest of the chief of police (Woody Harrelson). There are so many actors in this film to recognize and they all bring something to the small town of Ebbing. Wang Qishan, vice president of China once talked about how watching this film made him understand Trump supporters, so take from that what you will. Perfect for when you’re feeling for something a little more serious on your night off work. The film is not currently available to stream for free anywhere.

1. In Bruges
I for one am glad to be stuck in Bruges. This is among the funniest movies ever made with the likes of Colin Ferrell and Brendan Gleason. The film follows 2 hitmen (Ferrell and Gleason) after a hit gone wrong laying low in a small boring city of Belgium called Bruges. Ralph Fiennes also delivers a great performance and some of the best lines in the film. The movie bears resemblance to classics like Ashes and Diamonds and still holds its own as a classic in its own right. A film consisting of murder, guilt, principles, suicidal ideation, Christ on a cross, nothing to do, and race wars has never been so funny. It’s great to see that Mcdonagh is reuniting with the leads of In Bruges for his new film Banshees of Inisherin because it’s bound to be fantastic. In Bruges will be playing this weekend for one night at the Coral Gables Art Cinema at 9:00PM on Saturday November 5th. Banshees of Inisherin will be debuting at Coral Gables Art Cinema on Friday November 4th.

“There’s never been a classic movie made in Bruges until now.”

“Of course there hasn’t. It’s a shithole”

Kevin de los Cuetos is a senior at Florida International University, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English – Creative Writing, along with a certificate in Film Studies.