Can Celebrity Appearances Make Up For a Tepid Screening of Den of Thieves?

Are you an Outlaw or a Regulator? Christian Gudegast’s Den of Thieves (2018) pushes the viewers to choose. The movie premiered at Regal Cinemas of South Beach with noteworthy appearances from stars O’Shea Jackson Jr., Pablo Schreiber, Curtis “50 cent” Jackson, and Gerard Butler. Before the picture began, Butler, who also produced the film, discussed the feature’s six-year filmmaking process. Comedically, 50 cent continued with explaining their two weeks of military and police tactical training. As the laughter and applause slowly diminished simultaneously with the lights, the widescreen lit with the viewer promptly thrown right into the action.

Den of Thieves follows Donnie (O’Shea Jackson Jr.), Merimen (Pablo Schreiber) and Levi Enson (Curtis “50 cent” Jackson), aka the “Outlaws”, on the impossible robbery of the Federal Reserve Bank. Yet, these robbers are not your typical low-life criminals; they’re ex-military, which adds an interesting advantage to their characters. Nick Flanagan (Gerard Butler), lead “Regulator”, is the “gangster cop” that has no problem blurring the lines of the law to get his man. I know what you’re thinking, and no, this movie is not as cheesy as it sounds. The movie wasn’t filled with action packed car tricks and explosions from start to finish. The first 15 minutes and the last 45 minutes contained the most suspense and entertainment. With that being said, yes there are some cheesy lines, very much so in the beginning. During the middle, however, it was quite slow; the glow from the audience’s surrounding cell phones were distracting, but also a temptation. At that time, the viewers got a glimpse into Nick Flanagan’s life, while the other characters fell flat. The audience’s craving to learn more about Pablo Schreiber’s character was unfulfilled.

Overall this movie makes the viewer question, “who is good or and who is bad?” If you have Moviepass or take part in “six dollar Tuesdays” at your local theater then sure, definitely go see it. If not, I suggest waiting for Redbox.

Karina Forler is a Senior at Florida International University, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications: Broadcast Media, along with a Certificate in Film Studies.