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All 3 Martin McDonagh Movies Ranked

It’s not often you see a director hit three home runs (maybe soon to be four) in a row when making films. Martin McDonagh is acclaimed in his ability to combine humor with serious content similarly to the Coen Brothers, but McDonagh movies have a different flavor to them. In preparation for his newest film Banshees of Inisherin, here are all three of Martin McDonagh’s films ranked. Continue reading All 3 Martin McDonagh Movies Ranked

Getting Stuck in Terrible Places

Dylan Minnette and Stephen Lang in Don’t Breathe

There’s nothing better than watching a movie where people somehow get themselves stuck in the worst situations. In the midst of hundreds of terrible movie decisions, we have this subgenre of horror where the movie is about characters trying to escape a terrible place. Niche but effective at targeting our biggest fears. Here are the ones we recommend:

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Top 5 Scream Queen Directed Films

Megan Fox dressed in a purple cheerleader outfit as Jennifer
Megan Fox as Jennifer in Jennifer’s Body (2009).

There is nothing better than celebrating the start of fall and the end of the month than by watching some scary movies. Dedicated to the women who write, direct, or produce their own films, these picks celebrate the scream queens that work hard behind the camera. From psychological thrillers to more traditional horror films, these are all worth watching:

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