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Godard RIP… 5 Essential Films

Jean-Luc Godard with a film camera.
Jean-Luc Godard.

Jean-Luc Godard, pioneer of the French New Wave, and one of the most revered filmmakers of all time, has died at 91. His radical approach to cinema redefined the form and language of the medium and gave birth to a body of work that continues to inspire filmmakers today, even as it continues to challenge our notions of narrative structure and the craft of cinema.

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FIU Film Club Meeting September 20th!

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The FIU Film Club is proud to announce our first meeting of the year on September 20th, 2022. For details about the location and time just text (786)-294-5420 or email and say you want to join the group chat. You can also contact the club by using this link where you will then be added to the club group chat where all club announcements and meeting dates will be posted. Continue reading FIU Film Club Meeting September 20th!

Summer And Fall Course Offerings: A Little Something For Everyone

Panthers with a love for film have some great options to choose from when picking their Summer and Fall 2020 classes this term. 

For those who are drawn to historical studies, FIU is offering a course on Early America in Fact, Film, and Fiction at the MMC campus this summer, which will compare historical texts to the way early American history is portrayed in film. The term will also offer an array of online options including Holocaust Cinema as well as both Intro To Film Studies and History of Film, which are required courses for completion of the Film Studies certificate.  Continue reading Summer And Fall Course Offerings: A Little Something For Everyone

The Third Annual Student Film Festival Applications + Info

Calling all filmmakers! This year’s Panther Film Festival will be taking place on April 15th at 7:30pm in GC 140. If you have a short film you’ve been working on, this is your opportunity to showcase it to fellow peers and even win prizes. Applications are open now until April 1st, with completed films due April 9th. You can find the applications here. Continue reading The Third Annual Student Film Festival Applications + Info

Volunteer at the Miami Film Festival: Free Tix and T-shirt

The Miami Film Festival is just around the corner, from March 6 – 15. Featuring a wide array of U.S. and international features, it’s one of the marquee events on the Miami Film calendar.

Numerous volunteer opportunities are available with the festival. No experience needed for these volunteer positions, just a love of film, of events, and of Miami! You will attend a volunteer orientation at the Tower Theater on Saturday, Feb. 29 from 11AM – 1 PM, and can sign up for volunteer shifts at several theaters partnering with the festival (we’re particular to the Silverspot downtown for this).  This is an easy way to learn how a festival works from the inside and to become involved in the Miami film scene. You’ll have a chance to meet filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, and talent from around the world.

Perks include a free festival t-shirt and a ticket voucher to the festival for every shift worked.

For more information, visit the film festival’s Work with Us page.