Event Rundown: October 5-October 19

Black and white photo showing Patricia (Jean Seberg) to the left of Michel (Jean-Paul Belmondo)
Breathless. Directed by Jean-Luc Godard. 1960. Featuring Jean Seberg as Patricia (left) and Jean-Paul Belmondo as Michel (right).

Aside from the new releases hitting theaters, we here at FIU Film Studies invite you to explore your options outside of the mainstream circuit and into something new and exciting. Here’s what we have on our radar from now until October 19:

  • FIU’s Philosophy Club will be screening Bong Joon-Ho’s 2006 horror/action film, The Host. On October 6th, students will meet at 7:30 in front of DM’s amphitheater. Popcorn and snacks will be included!
  • In a last minute effort to excite audiences for its sequel, Regal Cinemas and AMC are pushing the 3D and IMAX versions of James Cameron’s 2009 epic, Avatar. Because there is nowhere to stream the film, it’s a great opportunity to remember whether you hated the movie or not. Theaters will begin showing the film starting October 5 in anticipation for Avatar: The Way of Water that comes out December 16.
  • With an uncertain future regarding the theater’s management, now is a great time for film enthusiasts to support the Tower Theater in downtown Miami. As a supporter of art house films, they will be showing Santiago Mitre’s Argentina, 1985 on October 6. The foreign film follows the story of one legal team as they attempt to prosecute the deadliest members of Argentina’s military.
  • If you’re not over the death of France’s most beloved filmmaker, the Coral Gables Art Cinema will be hosting numerous showings of Jean-Luc Godard’s most iconic films including Breathless, Masculine Féminin, and Pierrot le Fou from October 10-13th.
  • Celebrating Halloween early? The Rooftop Cinema Club in South Beach will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of I Know What You Did Last Summer starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar on October 15. On the 16, they will be showing the terrifying yet brilliant 1992 film Candyman in celebration of the 30th anniversary.
  • On October 19, FIU’s Future Educators Association club will be screening a spooky film at Graham Center (room 140) at 6 PM. Snacks will be included so be sure to RSVP and check it out!

Kayla Melendez is a Senior studying English in the Literature track at FIU. Upon graduating, she has no idea what she wants to do with her life, as long as she is somewhere tan and happy. Naturally curious, she enjoys reading, writing, and watching films.