Film Studies Program Recommends… Winter 2018


With the semester coming to a close, the director and our interns have come together to give you the movies they’re anticipating the most in the coming weeks!

Andrew Strycharski:

Border: I missed this when it played as part of Miami Film Festival’s GEMS, but the story and characters are inticingly offbeat—in a Swedish kinda way. And of course it won a major award at Cannes, and might be in the runnning for an Oscar, so…

The Mule: When following his better angels, Clint Eastwood is a solid-to-excellent director, and he directs himself well. I’m intrigued by this story of an 80-something drug runner, the kind of role few besides Eastwood could play with teeth.

Khadijah Brown:

The FavoriteI am an unashamed sucker for period movies and the idea of Emma Stone being a quirky power hungry 18th century lady is too hard to resist. I enjoyed the trailer, the movie looks hilarious with just enough political machinations to keep it interesting.

Once Upon a Deadpool: This is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me as it’s clearly a cash grab but i don’t doubt that I’ll have a good time. I think it’s funny that Ryan Reynolds kidnaps Ben Savage and forces him to relive his childhood role in The Princess Bride, and that’s good enough for me.

George Ibarra:

Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse: Despite the overabundance of Spiderman movies in the last 20 years, I’m genuinely excited to see the prospects a large-scale, mainstream animated superhero movie can bring to the market. The comic-book visual style is appealing, and the focus on a hero other than Peter Parker is refreshing.

Doors Live at the Bowl: Honestly, I just like The Doors and their psychedelic blues sound. Most of my favorite bands are dead, so my only chance of living the magic of a liveshow from older rock legends is through concert movies like this. It’s also exciting to see Coral Gables Art Cinema give older concert movies new showings, as it may be someone’s introduction to a genre of music they haven’t yet explored.

Akil Anderson:

Bumblebee: As a huge a fan of the Transformers television series from the mid-80’s, I’ve been hyped to see the sixth installment of the franchise ever since it was announced that Kubo and the Two Strings director Travis Knight was taking the reins from Michael Bay. It’ll be nice to see a warmer interpretation of the beloved franchise after almost a decade of Bay’s vision.

The House that Jack Built: My anticipation for this film skyrocketed once reports came in claiming that many walked out of the Cannes screening of The House that Jack Built in disgust, while the remaining audience members gave the director Lars Von Trier a ten-minute standing ovation.

Jose Ramirez:

Cold War: I got a chance to see this gripping melodrama about love and politics at the 2018 GEMS Festival. What I love most about the film, and can’t wait  to see again on a big screen, is its fantastic soundtrack and gorgeous black and white photography.