FIU Club Announces First Short Film Competition


The Film Initiative Underground has announced their first short film competition for the semester. The competition will give students the chance to make their own films and have their work seen by an audience. The winner will have their short film featured on the FIU Film Studies Program website!

The rules for this competition are as follows:

  • The films must be made by FIU students
  • The duration of these films must be 5-15 minutes long
  • The films must be rated PG-13
  • All films must be submitted by Friday, October 14 to this link 

Students will have other chances to submit films in the near future, so look forward to that!

Screenings of the films and voting will be held on Tuesday, October 18 in DM194 at 8:00 PM. 

The Film Initiative Underground has also provided three general scripts for those that need it. They can be interpreted in any way. Other than that students are more than welcome to create their own.

The Film Initiative Underground is a student club at FIU that was created in 2011. They host screenings on campus and promote an organized student filmmaking.

The idea for the competition emerged during a student round table with Igor Shteyrenberg, the director of the Popcorn Frights Film Festival and the Miami Jewish Film Festival. A leading light in the Miami film scene, Shteyrenberg is excited to support FIU students in enhancing campus film culture. Robert Solomon, the president of the Film Initiative Underground, film studies director Andrew Strycharski, and 10 other students from across FIU attended the round table meeting with Shteyrenberg.

For more information feel free to contact Robert Solomon at:

Good luck to everyone. We hope to see a variety of student-made films this semester.

Article By: Pierina Hidalgo

12547493_1022037117869284_1590752354_nPierina Hidalgo is interning for the FIU Film Studies, Fall 2016 Semester. She is an English major who is also pursuing the FIU Film Certificate.