Meet The Gang

Photo of characters from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The Fall 2022 Film Studies Crew is a mix of new and familiar faces. We thought we’d introduce ourselves.

Photo of Kevin de los Cuetos  Kevin de los Cuetos is a Senior Undergraduate student majoring in English on a Creative Writing track. He plans to become a professional Screenwriter and to make his own short & feature length films, and if that fails, he says he’ll eat his shoe like Herzog. Kevin is classically trained in the keyboard (computer), domestically trained in the toilet (as of 2021), and adequately trained in stage production. In the Spring of 2022 Kevin won the FIU Global Learning Transformation Contest and got to fly to DC. His favorite movies include Cinema Paradiso, Fail Safe, City of God and 30 more he’s sad he can’t list. Kevin also likes to write scripts, make short films, read books, constantly rewatch Always Sunny, and eat stuff wrapped in tortillas. He currently works at the Coral Gables Art Cinema and is Head Writer of FIU’s Film Club.

Photo of Tatiana NunezTatiana Nunez is an English major on the Writing and Rhetoric Track and is in her Senior Year at FIU. Her favorite films include The Handmaiden and Heat. And her go-to genres are horror, action, and erotic thrillers. Recently she has found herself watching a lot of TCM. When she isn’t watching, talking, or writing about movies – you can find her reading nonfiction, playing Hitman, or baking with disastrous results.

Photo of Austin Torres Austin Torres is an English major currently finishing his master’s degree on the Literature track at FIU. His pastimes and hobbies include watching films, reading books, painting, swimming, and long walks on the beach. His favorite movies are Pulp Fiction and the Godfather, and he enjoys gangster, horror, and thriller films.

Photo of Carla Rubio   Carla Rubio is an English major on the Writing and Rhetoric track with intentions of going to law school. Film studies to her is something to look forward to in the midst of all the essays and cases and research papers. You can always find her watching a movie on the couch in her free time, squished between her parents and trying to figure out where they know an actor from.

Photo of Kayla Melendez Kayla Melendez is a Senior studying English in the Literature track at FIU. Upon graduating, she has no idea what she wants to do with her life, as long as she is somewhere tan and happy. When she’s not busy studying and doing her assignments, you can find her watching the newest movie at her favorite theater (shoutout to Kendall 16) or reading a fictional book about the tribulations of growing up (because who doesn’t like a good cry?). If she had to pick her top three movies, she would categorize them by how often she watched each by age: The Parent Trap as a kid, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World as a teen, and as of now, Before Sunrise.

Photo of Dr. Strycharski Andrew Strycharski directs FIU’s film studies certificate program. He’s starting to wonder if Mikey and Nicky was a bad choice for a “relationship goals” movie. He likes old things: vinyl, English renaissance poetry, Italo cinema from the Cinecittà heyday. He does not own a microwave.