Miami Film Festival GEMS 2022

The ninth annual Miami GEMS film festival will take place between Nov 3rd- Nov10th. A more focused precursor to the Miami Film Festival, GEMS aims to showcase the most talked about festival hits, from crowd-pleasing spectacles by big-named directors to homegrown hidden “gems.” This year, GEMS made an in-person comeback with a party on opening night and special award presentations. Check out some of the movies to watch:

Glass Onion –  Nov.3rd

Starting the festival off with a bang, Rian Johnson’s long-awaited follow-up to his 2019 film, Knives Out, has received rave reviews all festival season. Critics have particularly praised Daniel Craig’s performance as Benoit Blanc, the mystery genre’s newest gay icon. Boasting an all-star cast and a mystery that’s even more enticing than the first film, don’t miss one of your only chances to watch Glass Onion on the big screen! GEMS will also be hosting a party after the film’s screening to celebrate its opening night.


Alice Darling –  Nov.4th

Mary Nighy’s directorial debut, Alice Darling follows Alice (Anna Kendrick) who begins to stray from the dangerous and abusive hold her boyfriend has on her. While she connects with old friends and begins to rediscover herself – her boyfriend becomes more violent. Alice soon finds herself in a fight for her life. Kendrick has been praised for her performance, with some calling it her best yet.


Alcarras –  Nov.5th

Alcarras follows the Sole family who run an orchard where they spend their summers picking the peaches for the season. But now they’re facing their biggest obstacle yet as a family: possible eviction. Now the Soles must work together or possibly lose more than their orchard. Alcarras is the newest film from director Carla Simon, who makes her return to GEMS. For this screening, GEMS is partnering Sala’o Cuban Restaurant to serve lunch and a dessert inspired by the film.


Decision to Leave – Nov 5th

Decision to Leave is the classic story about a detective who finds himself investigating a man’s death and soon begins to fall for the prime suspect – the man’s wife. From visionary Korean director, Park Chan-Wook (Oldboy, The Handmaiden), Decision to Leave is his return to film since 2016 – and it won him the Best Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival. Miami-based film critic Juan Barquin calls Decision to Leave sensual and haunting with “more depth than a typical cat-and-mouse film.”


Holy Spider – Nov 6th

Holy Spider follows a journalist trying to find a serial killer in the Iranian city of Mashhad, who is attempting to “cleanse” the streets of the city by murdering prostitutes. Holy Spider is the newest film from director Ali Abbasi whose previous film, Border, screened at GEMS back in 2018.


Corsage – Nov 8th

In Corsage, Empress Elizabeth of Austria finds herself disillusioned by her place as a royal – where she’s only expected to play out performative duties and is praised for her fashion and beauty. Elizabeth yearns for knowledge and adventure – which leads her to discoveries beyond what’s expected for an Empress.


The Fablemans – Nov 10th

GEMS closes with the long-awaited and very autobiographical Steven Spielberg film, The Fablemans. The film follows an aspiring young filmmaker who discovers a troubling family secret and grapples with that through the power and revelations of filmmaking. Paul Dano – who plays the family’s patriarch – will be virtually awarded the Miami Film Festival’s Precious Gem Award for his contribution to cinema.

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Tatiana Nunez is an English major on the Writing and Rhetoric Track and is in her Senior Year at FIU. Her favorite films include The Handmaiden and Heat. And her go-to genres are horror, action, and erotic thrillers.