Miami Film Festival Volunteer Opportunities

The Miami Film Festival is welcoming everyone from casual movie-goers to film professionals to celebrate their 36thannual comprehensive festival. The ten-day event—an iconic cultural fete for the city of Miami—boasts annual attendance of over 70,000 film enthusiast. The Festival is reaching out to Florida International University students for  eager volunteers who can help make the festival a smooth and memorable experience for all of their guests.

Volunteering is an opportunity to get involved with Miami’s film scene, provides access to the latest in international cinema, and, most importantly,  allows you to network and acquaint yourself with fellow filmmakers and film enthusiasts within your community. Volunteers will receive a voucher for each shift that they can exchange for any regular screening at the Festival. The Festival has volunteer positions ranging from sharp shooting photographers to volunteer captains, who act as assistants to the Theatre Managers to ushers.

Only requirements? Enjoy community engagement, love the city of Miami, and feel genuine passion for the art of cinema. For more information, visit the Miami Film Festival website here.