Mind Reader Taraji Fails to Connect with the wishes of the Viewer

Taraji P. Henson has had a great run as of late. The last few years have witnessed the astronomical rise of her star; the long-beloved but long overlooked actress finally garnered the recognition she had worked two decades to attain. But this ain’t it, chief.

Riding on the recent wave of classic-blockbusters-remade, What Men Want stars Henson as a lone female sports agent who struggles against the plateau in her career defined as “the top of her game”. She finds herself unable to advance within a male-dominated industry until a fateful encounter with a psychic, fittingly played by a witchy Erykah Badu, bestows the gift of insight to the male mind unto her.

What ensues is nearly two hours of unremarkable hijinks and jokes that almost always miss their mark. In the film, Henson is as loveable as always but the material itself cannot be supported by her charisma alone.

What Men Want (2019) dir. Adam Shankman: 117 mins.

Daga Nyang is a jaded college student who still at the very least likes to talk about film.