Oscar Nom Noms

Ever wondered which snacks your favorite Oscar nominated films resemble? Of course you haven’t. Not to worry, we have the ultimate list of Oscar nominations to food comparisons you never knew you needed! If you agree, identify, or even if you disagree with some of these, let us know on our instagram (@fiufilmstudies).


The Irishman:
The Irishman is an instant film classic so what’s more appropriate than to make it the most classic kind of movie snack, popcorn. This movie is a large tub of plain popcorn for one person that takes forever to finish paired with a nice cold glass bottle of Coca Cola, another beloved classic, to help you get it down nicely.

This movie is nonstop from start to finish, kind of like when you’re eating an ice cream cone and it’s melting so you can’t stop eating even just for a second otherwise you’ll make a huge mess and end up staining your shirt. It’s also set at the beginning of the 20th century and so it feels fitting to make it vanilla flavored.

Pain and Glory:
Almodovar’s semi-autobiographical film, on the other hand, resembles a cup of strawberry frozen yogurt, reminiscent of your childhood and topped with symmetrically arranged sweet and sour candy, that is not only aesthetically pleasing but bursting with flavor.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood:
This movie heavily relies on the assumption that the viewer already knows about the time period it’s set in, late 1960s Hollywood in the midst of the Manson murders, which is why I’m declaring it an order of In-N-Out Burger fries with ketchup splattered on top. If you’re a Floridian, like myself, you might not fully understand what that tastes like since In-N-Out only operates in 5 states and may have missed a bit of this reference, much like myself when I watched this movie.

Ford v. Ferrari:
A cold hot dog left over from your Dad’s barbecue paired with a room temperature Bud Light, lots of Dad vibes but not all that fulfilling, is what this movie represents for us.

Todd Phillips’ take on the DC villain is nominated 11 times this year. It portrays the inner struggle of this complex character through a series of terrible events that ultimately shaped him. We think this one is a tragic tale of Sour Patch Kids Cereal marinating in a bowl of Monster Energy. It’s challenging to consume, leaves you feeling all sorts of ways, but innovative and maybe an acquired taste?

Little Women:
This sweet, family friendly film has all the best qualities you may find in a delicious slice of White Chocolate Cheesecake topped with beautifully arranged raspberries–soft yet sturdy and definitely satisfactory for those with a big romance sweet tooth.

Bong Joon-ho’s dark comedy/horror could only ever be accurately compared to “ram-don,” a dish invented by the director specifically for the film. The dish consists of Korean jjapaguri noodles with sirloin cubes on top to add an “expensive” touch because according to him a “rich mother could never serve it plain.”

Marriage Story:
This drama about the realities of divorce is sort of like if you get a plate of nachos, where the nacho cheese is substituted by chocolate syrup. A combination of sweet and salty that could oddly work at first but ultimately does not go together and are better off separated.



Diana Gonzalez is an intern for the Film Studies Program who discovered a new talent for comparing movies to food while writing this article.