Oscar Watch Party Recap + Gallery

This past weekend was our 3rd Annual Oscars Watch Party in collaboration with multiple student organizations. We were happily surprised to see many of the attendees showing up in stylish attire for the “classiest night of the semester,”–so many that we gave out two Best Dressed awards. Students were also awarded by being pelted with Skittles during our trivia breaks.

Reactions were mostly in consensus and entirely infectious. Eminem’s surprise performance of “Lose Yourself” left the audience dumbfounded. Thankfully Idina Menzel’s priceless reaction and Martin Scorsese calmly falling asleep brightened up a very unexpected and random performance. And when Parasite won 4 awards, including Best Picture, the audience erupted in cheers. Two people even got up and hugged. By far, the best moments were Director Bong’s speeches and plans to drink after the show.

One thing to take away from the night is the more films you watch throughout the year, the more invested you become when award season comes along. As my first time watching the Oscars, I can say it was not what I expected, but I’m ready to see what next year has in store.

Catch some photos of the night below and on our Instagram @fiufilmstudies

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Julia Burgos is counting the days until Spring Break where she’ll catch up on Netflix and sleep.