The Absurdity of the Wealthy

The breakdown of class and wealth has been the central theme of several recent feature films. Each movie uses different tools such as comedy, satire, and mystery to convey its message that the rich are absurd and that the class system, money, and power have no bearing on a person’s worth. Each movie aims to go back to the fundamentals of the human experience.

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A Day In The Life of a PA

This semester, I was focused on getting my shit done without any distractions. That’s why when I quit my job in August, I wasn’t actively looking for opportunities that might take time away from enjoying school and any events that came along with it. But rather than close myself off to any new opportunities, I decided to take a chance when a job eventually came my way. One of the coolest things that came from working with FIU Film Studies was this job, where I had the chance to work as a production assistant (PA) for two days here in Miami. It was during this time that I got an idea of what a production assistant does and how they play a small but mighty role in the filming process.

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