Panther Film Festival Builds on Kickoff Events

Building on the success of last week’s events, the Panther Film Festival will be coordinating more workshops and mixers, including  a second, “roll-up-your-sleeves” workshop  next Wednesday (September 26) from 3:00 to 5:00 PM, in The Center for Excellence in Writing (GL 125).

Screenwriters or FIU filmmakers are encouraged to bring any screenplay or story idea they have and get constructive feedback on their work. Writing Center Coordinator Charles Donate and local filmmaker Manuel Delgadillo will be expanding on the insightful foundational elements of screenwriting they presented in their first workshop last Tuesday. Whether it’s a developed screenplay or simply an idea for a future short film, Charles, Manny, and other screenwriters will be there to help. Future screenwriting workshops, will focus on specific skills such as developing dynamic characters and writing interesting dialogue.

FIU filmmakers interested in other areas of the movie making process should be on the lookout for future mixers. Last week saw the first Panther Film Festival Meet and Greet. Panther Filmmakers, including both newcomers to the scene and competitors from last year’s festival, came together to learn more about this Fall’s Screenwriting Competition. The afternoon was delightful as fellow students introduced themselves, sharing their interests and current projects. Those who couldn’t attend still have several opportunities to get involved through the festival’s  flexible, varied event and workshop schedule over the fall semester.

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 Jose Ramirez is an English major minoring in Psychology and working towards a Film Studies Certificate.