Panther Film Festival Meet & Greet A Success

Earlier this month, the Panther Film Festival held their first of what will be several mixer and workshop-like events leading up the actual film festival in April 2018. The PFF Meet & Greet welcomed over 30 students students from varying majors into a conference room in Deuxieme Maison. Senior Amanda Seijo, who hopes to submit a short film for the festival, noted that, “We could barely fit in the room! It was a surprising turnout and it seems that FIU has some talented individuals in different aspects of filmmaking. This is something I wouldn’t miss the chance to be a part of.”  

After some opening remarks about the need for the creation of the festival by Film Studies intern Mario Avalos and English Honor Society President Stephanie Janania, attendees learned a little bit more about the key dates to be on the lookout for as they work on their productions. Students were then given a chance to introduce themselves and talk about any other projects they might currently be working on or have already completed. After introductions, everyone was given a chance to mingle and several connections were made. Stephanie Janania felt the Meet & Greet went exceedingly well and said, “The Panther Film Festival’s first Meet & Greet turnout proves the need for such a celebration of the unique talents FIU students hold. I cannot wait to see the projects this creative group will produce.”

Jose Gil, president of the Film Initiative Underground says, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Jose also expressed his joy with the turnout claiming,  “It was a moving experience. To see fellow FIU filmmakers bounce ideas off each other and begin the creative process had me with a huge smile on my face. The future looks bright.”

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Mario Avalos is a senior at Florida International University, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, along with certificates in Film Studies and Professional and Public Writing.