PFF Updates: Screenplay Competition Deadline and Prize!

The January 6, 2019 deadline for the Panther Screenplay Competition is closer than you think! Thanks to our sponsor the Coral Gables Art Cinema, the winning screenplay of the competition will be awarded a 1-year membership to the CGAC’s  After-Hours Program! To be considered eligible, screenplay submissions must be delivered no later than 11:59 PM on the day of the deadline, which is January 6, the Sunday before the Spring semester begins. Submit your screenplay in either PDF format to or as a print copy to Dr. Strycharski’s mailbox in the English Department on the fourth floor of DM (Deuxieme Mansion MMC).

The After Hours membership reduces After-Hours screening ticket prices to $5.00, waives online ticketing fees, and includes four free tickets to regular CGAC screenings. This means great opportunities to check out some of the outstanding films playing at the Gables Art Cinema, from cult classics on 35mm to the newest indie gems.

Remember, this competition is free and open to all FIU students! FIU screenwriters are encouraged to submit stories in any genre that they so choose. The only requirement is that films be no longer than 15 minutes of screen time (figuring one minute per page). Students may also work together and submit screenplays as a team. At least one of the writers must be an active FIU student and present a valid Panther ID at the time of submission. Good luck to all the FIU screenwriters! We look forward to reading your stories!


 Jose Ramirez is an English major minoring in Psychology and working towards a Film Studies Certificate.