Poll Results: What’s Your Favorite Coming-of-Age Movie

Alright kids, that’s the sound of the late bell. After reliving all four years of high school, we asked you to vote for which coming-of-age films helped you get through it. This class will be three movies long, so here are the films that you chose to get you through it fastest:

In third place, you all chose Moonlight. Moonlight speaks to that part of us still trying to find some sense of identity in the world, whether it be in race, or sexuality. For those of us still trying to find our place, this film manages to find us somewhere in the moonlight.

In second place comes The Breakfast Club. Maybe standing in the moonlight isn’t your thing, since more of you chose detention instead. At least you get to light up the dankest weed and watch the time pass by. Best of all, the only work you get for the day is a simple 1,000 word essay. With modern laptops, that’s like 30 minutes of work. Easy.

And finally, in first place is Mean Girls. There’s something nostalgic in watching any movie with Lindsay Lohan, or maybe we just enjoy watching her get revenge on The Plastics. Maybe we’re all just mean and we should really grow up for once …I’m not judging anyone though.

Frankie Dauphin is a modern day film buff. That means he owns Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.