Registration: Executive Director’s Film Festival Course Headlines Spring Offerings

This spring we have another slate of exciting courses to satisfy the appetite of film students, fanatics, and cineastes. Culture, Communication, Writing, and How to Run a Film Festival? Yes please.

Several courses focus on particular cultures and cinematic representations, including courses focusing on Germany, on Asia, and on Spanish American culture. Other courses offer disciplinary ways to think and write about film: communication, religion, philosophy, writing film criticism. You can take a class on film adaptations of literature, or one on the Banality of Evil.

But we’re most excited for Everything You Wanted to Know about (Film) Festivals but Were Afraid to Ask, taught by the executive director of the Miami Jewish Film Festival and co-director of the Popcorn Frights genre festival Igor Shteyrenberg. Billed as a class “for anyone and everyone who wants to know how a festival is run or is ambitious to start their own music, film, or arts festival event,” the class starts by introducing students to film festivals and the festival scene, then takes you behind the scenes to consider event management, marketing, logistics, and more. This one will be worth the trip to the BBC on Monday afternoons.

Full course schedule here.