Sex! Murder! Mystery! Summer/Fall Registration!

I knew registration for the summer and fall semesters had me hooked the moment I laid eyes on that honey of a course schedule, but I just couldn’t pull myself free. It was no good, and I was gonna get buttoned by the new fall offerings.

Oh sure, the required FIL 3006 and ENG 4121 were still being offered in the summer and fall terms, along with other electives. But  I still couldn’t piece together new fall classes.

There was Professor Gillespie’s Studies in Film Noir (ENG 4132-U01).  Beginning with The Maltese Falcon and continuing through Fargo, the class was gonna investigate the basic elements of the genre, and trace how film noir evolved from the 1940s to the present, baby.

Then Professor Juan-Navarro’s new online class in Latin Cinema (FOT 3930 RVC) played chin music on me by finger-printing the cinemas of Spain and Latin America in national and international contexts, introducing students to the vitality and diversity of these cinematic traditions.

But I was a patsy for any film classes: Asia through Film, Communication in Film, Queer Cinema, they all had me hot and heavy about the film classes I could take.  The full schedule appeared in the usual place, with all the usual suspects. I was a Film Studies Certificate student–a love-struck fool of a Film Studies student–but I loved it and you can too.

See ya in the fall, kid.