Summer And Fall Course Offerings: A Little Something For Everyone

Panthers with a love for film have some great options to choose from when picking their Summer and Fall 2020 classes this term. 

For those who are drawn to historical studies, FIU is offering a course on Early America in Fact, Film, and Fiction at the MMC campus this summer, which will compare historical texts to the way early American history is portrayed in film. The term will also offer an array of online options including Holocaust Cinema as well as both Intro To Film Studies and History of Film, which are required courses for completion of the Film Studies certificate. 

Two sections of Studies In The Film this fall will center around the topic of “Hitchcock” and “Film Theory.” The Hitchcock course offers an in-depth look at the cinema of Alfred Hitchcok, including North by Northwest, Vertigo, Psycho and many more. Film Theory will break down different thoeretical approaches to the art of cinema. Book lovers can take a dive into Film Adaptations of Literature and study the differences and similarities between written and visual storytelling in cinematic adaptations of literature. 

Fall additionally holds lots of options for those pursuing the Film Studies certificate, as it will feature many options outside of the English department that can meet requirements, like America & Movies, Politics on Film, Communication in Film, and Asia Through Films. 

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Emily Rivero is a junior at Florida International University studying Creative Writing and Film Studies. She is an aspiring screenwriter who subscribes to too many streaming services and wishes Netflix would stop asking if she’s “still watching.”