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A Night Under Moonlight: A Community Event

        This past week FIU hosted a screening and discussion of Barry Jenkin’s Moonlight. Despite having seen it twice already, this viewing was a very different experience from the ones I’ve had in the movie theater. Filling the room to capacity, the crowd here was completely in sync, heavily invested in the film’s exploration of race and sexuality, as well as in its setting that reflected where many of them live and face their own struggles.

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Five Questions with Dr. Elizabeth Scarbrough

Professor Elizabeth Scarbrough is a recent and welcome addition to the Florida International University’s philosophy department. With an impressive academic background under her belt, a Masters and a PhD in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin and Washington, respectively, and a burning love for all things art, she’s a warm, insightful teacher looking to bring new topics to students at FIU, starting with the study of philosophical questions regarding cinema.

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Film Gate 2017: New Technologies, New Trends

          Film Gate Interactive Media Festival celebrated its fourth annual conference this past week at the University of Miami with a line-up full of industry innovators. The festival has served as fertile ground for discussion and exploration of all things film, with a keen interest in technological trends in the field of filmmaking and how these in turn influence commercial products like interactive media and virtual reality. This year it had a lot to say on how filmmaking trends are changing today’s most wide-spread form of storytelling: marketing and advertising. The festival opened on Saturday with a networking brunch where attendees had a chance to meet with the various speakers and check out the hands-on workshops sponsored by names like Sony and Red Digital Cinema.

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3 Shows to Binge over Break

Bingewatching TV
All right Panthers, we did it! Four months of higher education tested your focus, versatility and endurance, but you rode them like a champ. 2016 also tested your patience, character and overall faith in the world. You’ve earned a break, a recess to reassess your future, evaluate your performance and set new goals . . . and binge TV like there’s no tomorrow. To help you with the latter, here are the top 3 shows you need to catch up on while you enjoy your winter break.
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Five Questions: Igor Shteyrenberg of Popcorn Frights

“Never lose a holy curiosity,” says the co-director of Popcorn Frights, Miami’s first and only horror film festival.


One of the most prominent figures in the Miami film scene, Igor Shteyrenberg is filled with boundless energy . A graduate of USC’s film school, Igor worked on the Miami International Film Festival  before moving on to becoming the youngest ever director of the Miami Jewish Film Festival. Igor believes, above all, that the films a community is exposed to are powerful tools for bonding.  We had the opportunity to ask him five questions about his latest project: Popcorn Frights, Miami’s first horror film festival.

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