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‘A Name Without a Place’ Review

Kenny Riches’s A Name Without a Place is about grief, a weird recluse millionaire, and porn. But this exciting premise is also the film’s problem — it tries to be too much. Gordon Grafton (Bryan Burton) is struggling with the loss of his twin brother and dealing with his overbearing, much older, aging starlet girlfriend (Elizabeth McGovern). As a result, he decides to take a solo trip to the Florida Keys and along the way meets aspiring porn star Emma Lee (Charlotte Best) before the two ultimately crash their car into an eccentric’s (Patrick Fugit) secret estate.

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Five Questions With: Gabriel Rhenals

Gabriel Rhenals is a passionate Miami-based filmmaker whose first feature, For My Sister, will be screened at FIU on October 9th in GC 140 at 7PM. He’s worked on several award-winning short films and only a few years after our first Five Questions Interview with him, he’s returned to discuss his debut feature-length film. We talk with Gabriel about the process of shooting For My Sister, filming on a phone camera, and his interest in social issues.

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