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Horror is Finally Unafraid to Redefine Itself

Every year when October comes around, we appreciate classics like Scream (1996), Poltergeist (1982), and Psycho (1960). We also get a handful of your typical slasher or jumpscare-riddled films that overflow the theaters. But what separates new releases from this never-ending pattern of commercialized Halloween horror is just how inventive and experimental directors are willing to get.

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Bloody Funny: Horror-Comedy

Horror and comedy are two of the most popular movie genres, one is on the up-and-up (especially this time of year) and the other has been relegated straight to streaming for years now. Horror and comedy, like primary color, create new colors when you mix them. The duo creates a subgenre that on paper should not work: how can you freak someone out and make them laugh simultaneously? Well, dozens of filmmakers at this point have cracked that code and now we have dozens of great movies from them. Here is how it started. Continue reading Bloody Funny: Horror-Comedy

Poltergeist at 40: It’s Heeeeeeere!

Original Poster of Poltergeist where little girl has her hands on buzzing TV
Copyright of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

You know a movie has got to be bold when the title is just a one word synonym for ghost. Released in 1982, Poltergeist is known as one of the scariest movies ever made due to its top-of-the-line special effects, clown dolls, and creepy little girls. When this movie came out, the American audience was weaning off the Amityville haunted house type of movie, and instead moving towards slasher flicks with Friday the 13th and Halloween. Poltergeist was an example of a subgenre going out with a blast (much like the implosion of the house at the end of the movie).  Continue reading Poltergeist at 40: It’s Heeeeeeere!