Thursday Screenings

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As part of our efforts to combat social-distancing restrictions, the FIU Film Studies program has started implementing virtual movie screenings. Be sure to join us for this week’s Spooky October screening of Sam Rami’s The Evil Dead (1981).

Held every Thursday at 8:00 PM via Netflix Party, our Thursday night screenings allow our interns to pick some of their favorite movies and share them with the FIU community. They also give our interns a chance to interact with fellow FIU movie-lovers as they discuss their favorite parts of the film during each screening. (If you haven’t used it before, here’s How to Netflix Party.)

For those interested in attending, the movie being screened for each week will typically be announced by that Monday on the FIU Film Studies Instagram page, along with a flyer including details for the screening. Films we’ve already screened include Pride and Prejudice, Good Time, The Half of It, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, and Frances Ha. Whether you’re looking to watch a period piece, a coming of age film, or just want to stare at Robert Pattinson for a few hours, we’ve definitely managed to cover a wide variety of niche interests for our viewers.

Make sure to check the FIU film studies’ Instagram page (@fiufilmstudies) for any updates regarding our screenings. You can also stop by to say hi to our interns and suggest a movie you’d be interested in seeing us screen.


Emily Sol is a Senior at FIU who daydreams about Wong Kar-Wai and graduating on time.