Panther Film Festival

The Second Annual Panther Film Festival, Florida International University’s premier student film competition, will drop in April 2019. A series of workshops, meet and greets, and organizational meetings will bring FIU student filmmakers together and lead them through the entire process from screenplay writing, through shooting, editing, and on to festival submission.

In an effort to better streamline our festival and get you valuable mentorship in the art of filmmaking, the fall semester will focus on our Panther Screenplay Competition, including prizes for top screenplays (details coming soon).

Application to the competition is free and open to all FIU students. As part of the application process, at least one student participating in the production of an applying entry must provide a copy of their Panther ID. Only screenplays with a total run time (TRT) of 15 minutes or less will be accepted. (Recommended length, 3 – 10 minutes, figuring one minute per page)

Upcoming Events

Screenwriters Workshop 
September 26, 3 – 5 PM @ Center for Excellence in Writing (First floor of Green Library, MMC)
Local filmmaker/FIU alum Manuel Delgadillo, and other screenwriters, will be available to look at your scripts and provide feedback.

CinemaSlam Workshop/Information Session
September 27, 4PM @ Center for Excellence in Writing (First floor of Green Library, MMC)
Diana Cadavid, director of the Miami Film Festival’s student film competition CinemaSlam, will present information about opportunities for FIU student filmmakers to participate in the competition, as well as the fall mini-festival, GEMS.

Past Events

First Panther Film Festival Meet and Greet
September 13, 3-5 PM @ Vicky Bakery Patio MMC
Come learn more about the upcoming Panther Film Festival and meet other FIU filmmakers.

First Screenwriting Workshop
September 18, 2-3:30 PM @ Writing Center (First Floor of Library GL 125) 
Charles Donate and local filmmaker/FIU alum Manuel Delgadillo, will be leading a workshop on the basics of screenwriting.