48 Hour Filmmaking Challenge Coming Weekend of Oct 5th

Panthers prepare yourselves for our 48 Hour Filmmaking Challenge!

Next weekend, any student interested in making or being a part of a short film (no experience necessary) will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other like-minded students. On Saturday, October 5th, participants will be placed into groups and spend the day planning their films, including coming up with a story, writing a script, rehearsing lines, storyboarding, location scouting, and developing a shot list. The next day, groups will return ready to shoot their five minute shorts.

Groups will have the opportunity to submit to the third annual Panther Film Festival, where their work will appear on the big screen. As Mario Avalos, president of the Film Initiative explained regarding last April’s 48 Hour Challenge, “We were able to get three submissions from that challenge—Ungrateful, The Book, and Mission Unpassable — and all three went on to be screened at last year’s festival. I think everyone who participated learned a lot about both how easy it can be to create something over the course of a weekend, but also how hard and demanding that can be. That’s just filmmaking.”

Having been one of the students involved in the production of one of the three films, I can personally vouch for the experience. We welcome leaders, followers, writers, geeks, actors and anyone in between. Come out October 5th and seize this opportunity!

Frankie Dauphin is a modern day film buff. That means he owns Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.