Favorite Beach Movie Poll Results

The results are in! Get ready to kick back, relax and watch a good movie before packing your bags and making your way to the ocean that’s calling. Here are the top three beach movies that will either make you want to go have fun in the sun or stay at home curled up in a velvety bun:

#3 Cast Away

It is no surprise Tom Hanks made it into the top three. In this great survival drama, he plays Chuck, the lone survivor of a plane crash that leaves him on a deserted island. Hanks makes this Academy Award nominated movie too good to pass up, after all, thanks to this classic, nobody will ever be able to look at a Wilson brand volleyball without having the burning sensation to scream out, “Wilson!!!” regardless of who is around.

#2 Jaws

Considered one of the greatest films ever made, Jaws comes in second on our list. In this Steven Spielberg thriller, the hunt begins to catch a giant man-eating great white shark terrorizing the beachgoers of Amity Island. With its iconic ominous music and animatronic shark, a technique which has held up incredibly well when compared to the CGI sharks of today, Spielberg keeps us on our toes, anxious to see what will happen next. This classic never gets old and will make you think twice before stepping foot inside the ocean.

#1 Lilo and Stitch

Who can really resist watching our favorite little blue extraterrestrial, with his gracious antics, as he accompanies fun and eccentric Lilo on many island adventures?  As the mischievous pair ride the waves of Kauaʻi with Nani and her friend David, we see how the meaning of Ohana comes alive.  This Disney Animated feature film touches our hearts every time we watch it and makes us want to join in on the fun, eat a soft serve, and Hang ten!