FIU Film Club Meeting September 20th!

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The FIU Film Club is proud to announce our first meeting of the year on September 20th, 2022. For details about the location and time just text (786)-294-5420 or email and say you want to join the group chat. You can also contact the club by using this link where you will then be added to the club group chat where all club announcements and meeting dates will be posted.
What do we do: In this club members will learn about, watch, and film movies! We will be having events and meetings as well as shooting days every week, so we will always have something going on here at FIU.

Starting this semester, we will sponsor workshops that cover many aspects of film such as writing, sound, cinematography, and more! Members can practice with actual cameras and other types of film equipment to become situated before eventually using them on (their own?) projects.

In the past, we have had screenings for films such as The Big Lebowski and Die Hard and we plan on doing much more of that with help from local theaters. In our first meeting we will discuss what films are going to be screened so if you want everyone to watch your favorite gory body horror just come on by and get it voted on. Food and snacks will also be provided to members at campus club screenings.

The most exciting part of our club is, of course, the production side. In this club we will be filming and producing a wide variety of videos and short films. Experience in this field is of course not required as we welcome everyone. We can find something for anyone interested in shooting, whether it be storyboarding, holding the mic, or running our social media. In the past there have been events such as 48-hour short film competitions where multiple groups have to make their movie from start to finish within the span of 2 full days.

And students interested more in the acting side of filmmaking need not worry, we need plenty of actors too! Audition dates will be posted on the club’s social media so make sure to follow that too.

Casting Director's Checklist

We are still looking for two logistical positions (treasurer and secretary) as well as writers, directors, and editors. If interested in these positions, make it known in the group chat.

Hope to see you at our first official meeting!


Picture of Kevin de los Cuetos wearingKevin de los Cuetos is a senior at Florida International University, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English – Creative Writing, along with a certificate in Film Studies.