Spring Registration is Here

The spring 2019 film courses include a few new entries and a number of old favorites.

Of special note are two sections of Studies in the Film (ENG 4132).  Igor Shteyrenberg (Executive Director of the Miami Jewish Film Festival and Co-director of the Popcorn Frights Festival) will reprise his course in the art of cinematography and the poetics of visual style. Students who took the course with professor Shteyrenberg still haven’t stopped talking about what a transformative experience it was. Running on Monday afternoons at the BBC, the course is a gem for students based at that campus and more than worth the trip for MMC students. Dan Bentley-Baker’s section of ENG 4132, breaking from his recent single-director stream,  will focus on contemporary avant garde cinema. Andrew Strycharski’s Writing about Film (ENC 4355) fills out the film studies electives offered in the English Department.

There is a good mix of face-to-face and online classes offered in other departments, too. Students with an slot open on Wednesday evenings will be delighted to know that Elizabeth Scarborough will again offer Philosophy of Film (PHI 4884) at the MMC. Also running at the MMC are Phillip Church’s ever-popular filmmaking course TPP 3265: Intro to Acting/Directing for TV/Film, as well as a section of Politics on Film (POS 3258) and two sections of Communication in Film (COM 3417). There are also six sections of COM 3417 online, including two being taught by Florida Film Critics Circle member Alfred Soto. Religion and Film (REL 3111) and Asia Through Film (ASN 3200) fill out the online offerings.

There are lots of great offerings next semester and we’re excited. You should be too!