Five Questions: Gabriel Rhenals

Award-winning filmmaker and FIU alum, Gabriel Rhenals, talks about starting a company and his latest festival run. Gabriel has several short films under his belt and he’s been featured at events like the Miami Short Film Festival. With accolades like “Best Screenplay,” Gabriel is quickly becoming someone to watch. He assures us that the most essential resource for anyone planning to make a film is a dream.


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3 Shows to Binge over Break

Bingewatching TV
All right Panthers, we did it! Four months of higher education tested your focus, versatility and endurance, but you rode them like a champ. 2016 also tested your patience, character and overall faith in the world. You’ve earned a break, a recess to reassess your future, evaluate your performance and set new goals . . . and binge TV like there’s no tomorrow. To help you with the latter, here are the top 3 shows you need to catch up on while you enjoy your winter break.
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Favorite Christmas Movie Poll Results

You say you’ve been waiting for this year’s Christmas blockbusters (we’re looking at you, Rogue One). But Christmas is a holiday cemented in our childhood, fueled by our (then fervent) innocence and wonder at the music, pretty lights and presents. For some, Christmas will always be about those memories, and this was supported by our readers who voted for the movies that remind us of that time when Christmas was truly magical. Without further ado, here are the top Christmas movies.

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Christmas Movie Poll

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